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Chris Reynolds aka Swing Shift has been an important part of the prestigious Twinwood Festival ever since it first began, hosting the immensely popular '1940s Twinwood Hangar Dances'. Chris's presentation and knowledge of the music of the 30s/40s swing dance scene is outstanding, and he has always been a big hit with his audiences every year. With his vast selection of  great dance music he never fails to please.


Alice Wooding,

Twinwood Festival Director



Swing Shift delivers the true art of the DJ as entertainer - having hired many DJs as a promoter and event organiser over the years, I can Honestly say my expectations were exceeded.  Swing Shift TOOK the audience TO the music - as an experience, it created a sense of excitement and entertainment for everyone as the musical journey ran from the 1920s to the 1950s. The DJ as entertainer and not just someone playing music - Swing Shift has the magic and the music.


Bryan Webb

The Wiz



We'd just like to say a huge thanks Chris for another great night. Wow! You really know your stuff! Having organised many dances over the years it's rare to find DJ's that are so in tune with us, as well as being able to respond to the audience with the selection of music played. Your years of experience DJ-ing in the Vintage scene, as well as having organised your own events, obviously gives you that unique ability! There's no surprise that you are in demand for some of the best dance nights and festivals around the country. A guaranteed night of great music makes happy dancers and a successful event!


Hoc & Mark Ewing




We booked Chris to DJ at our 1940s Relived event at Brooklands Museum, following a recommendation from someone who had seen him at work at another event. We are very glad that we did, as Chris bought a great atmosphere to the day, with his wonderful choice and range of music, keeping the audience entertained, and dancing, all day. Here’s to next year, and more of the same!


Steve Castle

Brooklands Museum